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Solar electricity plays a very vital part in the social and economic development of every community. Electricity is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for every person. Many African countries have listed rural electricity as a basic need: just like water, food, and medicine.

SAPFAV has committed herself to providing uninterrupted supply of solar equipment at an affordable price for the poorest of the poor. This is an enormous task. It will require every person of good will in: The World Bank, UN bodies, Governments, NGOs, philanthropy, individuals of a big heart to make this happen. SAPFAV would very much like to work with those who really care for sub Saharan Africa.

Compare hours of production per day

Per year: An electrified village with 100 homes will have: 4 x 365 = 1,460 hrs

If a house hold has 6 people using those hours: 1460 x 6 = 8,760 hrs

If 1 hour earned a minimum wage of $2, the village would be: 8760 x 2 = $17,520

Thus, one electrified household with 6 members has the potential of $1,752 additional income while the household without electricity is stuck in the chain of poverty.

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