We are "Solar Assembling Plant For African Villages". Our primary focus is to serve the African poor by providing affordable solutions to the rural community. All components assembled are adopted to the African situations.

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Solar Energy in Africa

Solar is to be taken as a long term solution in the electrification of sub Saharan Africa. As of present, there is a world wide renewable energy demand for solar panels. Most solar manufacturers are making big panels for big bucks to meet the Western market. Small framed solar panels which are needed for village electrification are very hard to get.

  Why a Solar Plant?
The African population is about 850,000,000. Out of that, only 7% has access to electricity.
We estimate that 90% of the Africans, live in rural areas with no electricity at all. A solar plant will therefore:

SAPFAV (Solar Assembling Plant For African Villages) was formed to address that problem. SAPFAV assembles and avails solar equipment to sub Saharan African villages. These equipment are affordable, and adopted to African various conditions. The conditions differ from people to people, place to place, and house to house. For example: the anti-theft mechanism is one of the urgent needs. SAPFAV's aim is service to the poorest of the poor and therefore;
1. Enable millions of Africans transform their lives with the affordable & dependable solar electricity.
  2. Assure stable supply of good quality solar panels & accessories like: controllers, inverters, etc.
  3. Avail solar products at a more affordable cost (SAPFA will bring down prices to 35%. & more people will be able to afford solar electric systems).
  4. Provide best suited technology designs to the African architecture, & cultural values.
  5. Bring employment to Africans.

Because of that, our products are: small framed solar modules of 10 - 50W, charge controllers of 5-15A, inverters of .3 - 1KW, and solar lanterns. These products are what village homes need for their independent solar power. Our 17 years experience in sales and installations of solar electric systems (Solar Energy Uganda), induce us to take solar as a long term solution for sub Saharan Africans. We believe that without electricity, without ability for the village household to extend the day, social and economic development will not be attainable.

SAPFAV, still needs funding and investors. SAPFAV will be going through various stages of growth and transformation to serve the poorest of the poor. But, one underlying characteristic which cannot be compromised is: service to the African villages to transform their lives.
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